Open casting call!

Looking for students to cast in a short film, “5th Hour!”

Each year, we hold workshops to educate future Oklahoma filmmakers. For the 2022 winter workshop, we are partnering with OKCPS to provide OKC high school students with a special hands-on film learning experience. Although the crew is exclusive to certain OKCPS students, the casting is open to all!

The workshop will be held December 17-20.

**The deadline for submission is midnight Wednesday, December 7th**

Submission Instructions:

Ex. Jane Doe – JAZMINE – 5th Hour

For your video, please try to film on a blank wall or non-distracting background in a well-lit area. At the start of the video, state your first and last name, grade level, school attending, and character you are auditioning for. 

Ex. My name is Jane Doe, I am a sophomore at the Film Education Institute of Oklahoma and I am auditioning for the role of Jazmine. 

This is called a slate. Once you are done slating, take a brief pause and then perform your audition. Please have the other characters’ lines read by someone else off-screen. For your video submission, we recommend uploading to google drive or youtube and providing it as a link within your email.

For Auditioning:

  1. Videos should be from at least waist up, and in decent lighting so face is visible.
  2. Students may audition for multiple roles.
  3. Submissions must be sent by midnight Monday, December 5th.

We can’t wait to see what you have in store! The story synopsis and characters are below.


Chris, a young teen, finds out a girl he has a crush on is available for the first time. Now, Chris and his friends race to figure out how to let her know before the 5th period ends or his chance with her is over!


Coach, middle-aged male. Strong-willed leader with a compassionate side.

Mrs. Miller, middle-aged female. Sweet and Carrying persona. She can change her attitude with the flip of a hat.

Chris, teenager. Strong-willed and passionate with a hidden romantic spark.

Desmond, teenager. Best friend to Chris. He wants to help Chris tell a girl how he feels.

Matthew, teenager. Friend of Chris and Desmond. Young teen, trying to get out of Gym class.

Romello, teenager. Young teen in gym class.

Alpha Jock, teenager. Brute jock with a mean disposition.

Beta Jock, teenager. Henchmen to Alpha Jock.

Cathy, teenager. A power-hungry hall monitor.

Jazmine, teenager. Pretty girl with shy and polite mannerisms.