OKCPS Student casting call!

Looking for OKCPS students to cast in the short film, “Fall Fashion Fiasco!”

The workshop will be held Saturday-Tuesday, December 16-19. Please let us know in your submission email if you are not available all four days. It is preferable to have you available all day each of those four days. Our workshops are from 8a-7P. Breakfast and Lunch is provided!

**The deadline for submission is midnight Wednesday, December 6th**

Submission Instructions:

  • Download the audition sides by clicking here
  • Create a self-tape audition video reading from the audition sides OR provide a video of a monologue or other acting performance
  • Email your video audition along with a headshot (or selfie) to
  • Email Subject Line should be ‘Your Name – CHARACTER – 2023 Winter Workshop’

Ex. Jane Doe – RILEY – 2023 Winter Workshop

If creating an audition video using our sides: please try to film on a blank wall or non-distracting background in a well-lit area. At the start of the video, state your first and last name, grade level, school attending, and character you are auditioning for. 

Ex. “My name is Jane Doe, I am a sophomore at the Film Education Institute of Oklahoma and I am auditioning for the role of Jazmine.”

This is called a slate. Once you are done slating, take a brief pause and then perform your audition. Please have the other characters’ lines read by someone else off-screen. For your video submission, we recommend uploading to google drive or youtube and providing it as a link within your email.

For Auditioning:

  1. Videos should be from at least waist up, and in decent lighting so face is visible.
  2. Students may audition for multiple roles.
  3. Submissions must be sent by midnight Wednesday, December 6th.

We can’t wait to see what you have in store! The story synopsis and characters are below.

If you do not have the means to record an audition tape reading lines from the script we will also accept videos of previous acting performances or monologues.


Riley, a young teen, wants to enter a fashion contest to win an all-expenses paid fashion internship. After her custom fashion outfit goes missing, Quinn and her friends race all over school to find it before the competition deadline!


Riley, teenager. Ambitious, creative, short tempered. Loves fashion and Finley.

Drew, teenager. Awkward, anxious, and insecure. Secretly in love with Riley.

Quinn, teenager. Rebellious, impulsive and loyal.

Finley, teenager. Overeager, and naive. Wants to be a model.

Sawyer, teacher. Strict, sarcastic, snarky and authoritative.