FEIO Spotlight: Rachel Purget

Rachel Purget participated in the Summer Film Production Workshop in the costumes department.

Prior to the workshop, Purget has had eight years of experience in the film industry such as being in front of the camera and as a production assistant though never in the costume department

“I was always fascinated by costumes, but I’m personally not a talented seamstress so I never thought I would be able to work in that department,” says Purget. “Come to find out there is so much more that goes on in the costume department than just knowing how to sew. I learned about every role in that department; shopper, dresser, truck costumer, key set costumer, costume coordinator, designer and department head.”

Rachel Purget at the Summer 2022 Film Production Workshop

Learning new skills have their challenges but having the right instructors can make all the difference. Purget says, “My experience with the costume department was a new world to me, but the incredibly knowledgeable instructors Alyssa and Daysan took the learning a new skill process step by step and covered every detail. The amount of new skills we learn in three days covered everything in detail such as; production meetings with directors for concept designs, walkie-talkie communication, shopping for clothes, using your own kits, and so much more.”

“As an educator, my favorite part of the workshop was walking around and watching all the instructors interact with the participants. Every department had amazing instructors that were passionate about what they were doing and eager to share their experience and knowledge with anyone that asked. Their passion and creativity for what they do is contagious.”

Since the FEIO Workshops are designed for participants to take newfound skills and apply them to future careers in film, we wanted to know what long-term goals Purget had in mind. “My long-term film goals are to help others create and share their stories. As a Cherokee, storytelling is a part of our culture. There are so many stories, so many miracles, so many tragedies and so many funny moments that die with our loved ones if we don’t learn the craft of storytelling. Film is my favorite way to tell a story.”

“I decided to [apply and attend the FEIO Workshop] for three main reasons. First reason I decided to apply was to learn a new skill. The more you know about other departments the better understanding you have when creating your own films. The second reason is I’m also a leadership teacher in the public schools and part of my job is to teach high school students what job options are available. I took this course in hopes to share my knowledge of the film industry with my students. The third reason is a chance to network with some of the best in the Oklahoma film industry.”

When asked how the Workshop impacted Purget, she stated, “The workshop personally affected my spark of creativity. If you are trying to decide whether or not you want to apply for the FEIO workshop in the future, do it! You could take this workshop a hundred times in a row and still learn something new every time. I hope to be a part of the FEIO Film Workshop again next year and encourage everyone else to join in the amazing experience.”